Your partner for imported rice & grains.

We bring high quality, low cost, branded and private label imported rice & grains to the foodservice industry.

Here at Otis McAllister, we love the world of food.

We’ve been wandering the globe for over a century; from Tuscany’s golden slopes to the foothills of the Himalayas, we seek the most authentic foods and food products.

We discover the highest quality rice and grains at their native sources, and we deliver them to you.

At home in the US, we harvest something more: foodservice solutions drawn from our deep expertise and hard-earned experience. Through our warehouses spread across the country, we are able to deliver to you the goodness of rice and grains at their very best.


With decades of experience in the international market, we have a deep knowledge of each of the source markets.


Every month, we import hundreds of containers from around the world, and we expertly handle the complex details of importing products into the U.S.: from shipping lines, to FDA review, to transporting, and to warehousing in one of our ten state-of-the-art storage facilities across America.

Quality Assurance

We uphold our commitment to product standards on your behalf through point-of-origin testing, product quality testing and onsite purity testing.

Customer Service

It is our goal to make the buying process as simple as possible, so that you receive the items you need, when you need them.